Monday, 5 October 2009

Big Beluga gets some mind-space and reflects on her attitude

This week I have been on my own in London. Not in a lonely, I-don't-know-anyone-or-have-any-mates way, but without the kids or my husband around who I have left in Kazakhstan. I have been staying with my younger sister in North London, shopping by day, visiting friends (I have happily coinicided with several people being in town from abroad which is double bonus), and been around for the final days of my other sister's first pregnancy (she is in labour as I type). It has all been great.

As quite a busy mum, with my three daughers at home, I suddenly realise how long a week is. When I am at home, the weeks just fly by, and quite often I just yearn for an hour or two of peace and quiet to myself, just one day or even half a day, to get a few things done. But this never seems to happen. And, I hate to admit it, I sometimes feel a bit fed up with the whole Mummy thing. I feel too busy, too tired, too hassled, with too much noise, mess, kids stuff around. Brits in Bosnia puts this feeling very well in her post today (click here to read).  I have now had six days by myself, and it has been very nice, but I am absolutely ready to go home and give the girls and my husband a big cuddle. I hope that I will be able to reflect on these moments of calm and quiet that I have had this week, and not be such a grumpy old cow of a mum when I get back.


  1. I know, just two seconds to drink a cup of tea without it being knocked over, or completely forgotten in the rush to the next school run/supermarket sweep/swim lesson. It's not winning the Lottery or a lifetime's supply of cake. Just a cup of tea. That's all we want.

  2. Nothing like some time off to make you appreciate them again, right? Trying to organize some time off myself...

    Exciting times for your sister and you, though.

  3. Grumpy perhaps. old cow never, well certainly not for another 20years my friend! Keep up the good work with the blog. Lynn candlish

  4. The thing is, we'll miss it when its gone. Well, maybe I won't miss not being able to finish a cup of tea, but I'll be able to finish one whenever I want so I won't appreciate it!