Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Mammaries on strike again

After a whole eight weeks of having to pump one breast or the other for cracked nipples, I put my pump away two weeks ago and was able to live a normal life - baby in her baby bjorn, feeding as I went about my day to day.  I thought I had the baby breastfeeding nailed at last, and she seemed happy enough on it.

But the other night, she slept through and so I had an excess of milk following a missed feed during the dark hours. And instead of staying home and making sure that I properly emptied the boobs and taking it easy for one more day adapting to a new routine, I hit the road early and started my errands. Four hours later, most of the errands achieved, I had started to feel a bit dodgy, so I went home and had a cup of tea.

By 5pm I had a red boob and the instant mastitis-feeling of being knocked over by a bus. It really is startling how quickly a dodgy boob can render a person absolutely useless, and how absolutely awful you feel with a tiny blocked milk duct!

I was feeling quite hard done by, knowing that the reason for this blockage was partly my own refusal to listen to my body (which I rarely do), but mainly because the baby had slept thru the night, which was surely a reason for jubilant celebration, and not for lying on the sofa under a blanket, shivering with fever and feeling like pants.

A quick trip to the surgery for some antibiotics, followed by intensive hot and cold compresses in the middle of the night saw a dramatic recovery by morning. Hopefully this is the last time there will be problems as I am running out of patience with feeding, if it is going to strike me down with fever every 3 weeks or so. But the baby looks so good on her diet of mother's milk that I know I will battle through any future bouts. She is just the right size for her age, has a terrific complexion, doesn't vomit or have wind or get colic, sleeps all night and is frankly, a joy to have around. She is alert, chatty and smiles on request! Altogether a good little package, which makes me feel quite guilty about my moody complaining when I discovered I was pregnant with her in the first place, which if you are interested, you can read about here


  1. Oh you poor thing, mastitis sucks big time

    Hope you manage to find a bit of spare bandwidth to listen to your body since it seems to be talking sense - that said with 3 babies I'm not sure I would be able to hear myself think let alone what my body was telling me

  2. Ah the early days of breastfeeding (which for me were counted in weeks). I'm so glad it's over. Hope things are getting better.

    BTW I've tagged you on my blog