Monday, 13 September 2010

My favourite shots of Kaz recently

No new places here, but still these easily-accessible parts of Kazakhstan are so stunningly beautiful that every time I go I suffer an almost religious sense of well-being. Practically deserted as well, which is lovely, not so much for the country which could be doing so well out of planned and managed wilderness tourism, but for us. Charyn Canyon was just us - I saw three other people leaving the car park as we settled in for lunch and a walk. The Kazakh Aul walk by Medeu ice rink - we passed one mushroom-collecting babushka and two Korean grannies out for a stroll. And some horses! It is just amazing.


  1. sigh... just beautiful. And what an amazing summer you have had! I feel out of breath just reading it ;-) x

  2. wow beautifull pictures Gail, makes me bit sad. but brings back good memories when i read your blog. Keep writing.
    lots of love