Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Over-wrought mother of four

So it is happening. My prediction is coming true. Life is simply too hectic at the moment. As I always thought it would be with four kids.

There is no slack. The days are long, noisy and full. I am sure one day I will look back on all this time and wistfully wish the weeks could be so full, so unpredictable and so varied as they are now.

Husband thinks I am going mad, I think I am just blooming knackered. He sees me for 30 minutes in the morning as I try to make myself wake up and before the coffee has had time to work. Then again for about 30 minutes in the evening, when I cook his supper, tidy it up, comment on the various things that I have not had time to do during the day and then need to go to bed.

The blinking baby will not sleep through and it has been 7 months.  Agh!


  1. Crikey you're a brave woman - and no wonder you're tired! I've started to read through your blogs and it's been quite an eye-opener so far. I hope the baby gives you a good night's sleep soon. xx

  2. Ten years ago this could have been my blog for the day...and then you came along to add sanity and a stiff UK upper lip as well as humor to our hectic home... was it you who drove a car of 4 boys to the movies or back with a snake wrapping itself around your leg and not crashing??? Life will get less hectic and when you are 56 like me you'll be begging for the sound of children in your home... hang in there... xoxoxoxo Shell