Friday, 24 April 2009

The battle for the river side heats up

So Grisha the Dog Catcher came back after getting an earful from Husband's secretary. He and his tall accomplice crept thru the garden and peered over the fence to see the 11 dogs all sunning themselves (I think they finally believed me that the dogs were there). They crept about with their wire strings, climbed over the fence and after an hour they managed to catch one of the dogs. 

They were just closing the tunnel again, to trap the dogs in (so that they can be caught later when we re-open it), when the annoying old do-gooder granny who feeds the dogs (hence their luxuriant coats and fat bellies) came along the river to feed them. Seeing the dog catchers blocking up the tunnel (which she had already re-opened and fed them more bread since the last time Grisha came), she started yelling at them to leave the dogs alone. When Grisha and his mate continued to close off the tunnel, she started hurling rocks at them!!!!! So Grisha and his friend have left again, but will come back on Monday when hopefully that f-ing granny will not appear, and finish off the job. 

One down, ten to go! 

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