Thursday, 16 April 2009

The dogs days are numbered

"I have arranged the dogs demise," said my husband after work yesterday. 
A russian friend of mine from playgroup sent us the number of a dog catcher (for that read dog catcher and then shooter) who had helped her deal with some canine nuisance, and we have booked them for Tuesday morning. 

However, since the river at the bottom of our garden started to flow, the noise from the river bank has significantly reduced and I don't think that we have been woken by barking for at least four nights. So perhaps the mutts have moved of their own accord. 

I think that the treacherous torrent has made it difficult for them to cross to the path side of the river, where they scavenge for most of their food and have access to the bridges, so perhaps they have just gone to live somewhere a bit more des res for the season. In which case, they have had a lucky escape! 

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