Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A mother's lot

Feeling quite the Nigella Lawson yesterday, I knocked up a couple of banana and chocolate chip loaves after lunch, and the house was full of the wafting aroma of delicious baking. Warm, moist banana loaf was ready for the children and I had a totally clear conscience as I left in the evening for a supper meeting leaving the children with our new nanny to have their tea and be put to bed. 

Arriving home later, I walked into my bedroom to see a little note on my pillow. The girls are wont to leave loving messages from time to time, "Ah, sweet," I thought, as I walked towards the note. There was something resting on the paper, some egg shell, maybe they found a nest or something interesting in the garden I thought. Then I read it. 


Never mind "I found some egg shell in the lovingly-prepared, fabulously delicious, freshly baked loaf that you kindly prepared for me this afternoon". Looks like my eldest daughter will be an "outraged from Tunbridge Wells" kind of letter writer in later life! 

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