Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Big Beluga Baby - coming back up for air

So Big Beluga signed off for ever on leaving Kazakhstan. But she has been thinking  of late that there are so many things that she will never remember if she doesn't write them down. To tell you the truth, I rather lost my writing confidence after I got into trouble with the AIWC for having strident views, and I became uncomfortable with the weird sensation of meeting people at parties who had already read all my posts and knew rather a lot about me and my family when I had never set eyes on them before myself. But as an older and wiser whale, I feel I can handle this kind of thing now. And so perhaps this mighty literary Caspian mammal should dust off her iPad once again.

Certainly living in Russia provides a rich vein of anecdotes and experiences to report.

In the three years since Kazakhstan a lot has changed, not least the whole blogger site. I spent last night reading my old posts. It has taken me half an hour to find my old log in and the ways to add images and text have all changed. I know that big beluga is quite poorly edited and full of typos, poor grammar, loose sentence structures. This is a blog, not a book. But I hope it remains fun to read for being current. Please don't be too annoyed by my silly typo mistakes!


  1. Welcome back - hasn't the time flown (and can't believe it is nearly 4 years!)

  2. I can barely work blogger! Bit of a shock hahaha, might have to go a bit slow to start with.