Thursday, 12 February 2009

Continued Internet Issues put Big Beluga in danger of extinction

Big problems getting the Internet in the house. BIG problems. The telephone line has to be upgraded before the Telephone company, Kaz Telecom, will install any new Internet systems. The upgrade would be done in the first two weeks, then the last two weeks of December, we were told.

On January 3rd with no Internet and no landline, I called our agent to ask about progress and she told me that there were two landlines in the house and so I could use dial up Internet in the meantime while waiting for broadband to be installed. Dial up internet is so obsolete that macs don’t even come with a built-in modem. And since I have a mac, quite apart from the fact that it probably takes about 500 hours to download one email on dial up, I can’t even try since I don’t have a blinking modem. However, I did in desperation plug the telephone line into the computer in the vague hope that something might happen. All that happened was that I discovered that neither telephone line was working at all. A man came at 8.30 on Sunday morning to make them work (which was fantastic because we had got in from a late night at 2am and had banging heads, and installing the phone lines involved copious amounts of hammering - nice).

And today, even worse news. They are not going to upgrade our lines until February and they absolutely will not install any broadband on the old system, so I will just have to lump it. Or find another supplier (I do not yet know of another one for this area).

So I have to go to wretched CafĂ© Delia every day to download my mails, where the band width and speed is pathetic, and where I cannot open or update my blog. And I cannot skype my friends or family, or Internet shop (quite useful when you live in a place where you cant get anything, and anything you can get is three times the price it should be and old stock). AGH ALMATY!!!! 

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