Thursday, 11 February 2010

Final furlong

It looks like husband will be sent home today, just three days after going for the chop. Amazingly quick considering what he had done, and also slightly daunting having seen him "walk" along the corridor last night. He looks like a 90 year old man, in his pyjamas, taking tiny steps, holding his body like a pensioner. But I am sure that he will feel better tomorrow, and it is amazing how quickly you can recover from an operation these days.

We have rented a gorgeous cottage, which is sweet but absolutely tiny and has a narrow winding staircase to upstairs. When our six-year old arrived for the first time, she bounded upstairs and then said "Oooh, Mummy, it is like an elf house!" and it is! I hope husband will be able to get upstairs. The loo is downstairs, so that might be a challenge, but I think a couple of days and he will be alright.

Next week I am going to get my bag ready for having the baby and try to get over and see the delivery suite at the hospital so we know what we need to take. The NHS is great, but it is quite a different system from some of the fancy pants private care we have had in the past (especially the Matilda 5 * hotel hospital in Hong Kong where our middle one arrived), and we need to get the list of what you need to bring.


  1. When everything is coming your way, you are in the wrong lane.............................................

  2. Really glad he's been in, got sorted, and should now be on the mend. Unless you all end up with the sick bugs described. Darn this damp and chilly climate. Hugs and healing vibes to all. Sounds like you'll be going to hospital to have a break.