Saturday, 13 February 2010


Oh no. Now our little one has started vomiting and has diarrhoea. Our eldest daughter has just gone to bed complaining of tummy pains and we await the night with some trepidation!

Last night, the toddler was quite unhappy having vomited her way to bed. I had to go and sleep with her. It was like sharing a bed with a wild piglet and neither she nor I got very much sleep. I think that tonight she is so knackered from a day of being unable to eat and sporadically being sick that she might sleep through.

I really hope that my husband does not pick this up. He gloomily remarked that the toddler had been licking his face earlier, when she started making occasional retching sounds mid-morning. He cannot sneeze or cough for the pain in his recovering back scar, and so getting a vomit and shit bug would be awful, especially as it would mean having to negotiate the stairs up and down to the bathroom every time.

Well, we will have to see. The grim times roll on.


  1. oh no! You really are being tested, aren't you. Hang in there... and I know all about sharing a bed with a wild piglet... the sick bug visited here too :-(

  2. It does seem to never to rain - but to pour floodlike dimensions. Fingers crossed it doesn't pass onto the adult members of the household! Thinking of you. xx

  3. Oh no - I hope it passes really quickly

  4. Hang in there... 4 kids have a way of toughening us up!!! Not much seems to get you down.. You go girl.
    CT is cold and snowy..
    Can't wait to see the pics of the newest s'murph. Demps boys anxiously await newest anglo-babe.