Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Totally awesome morning of quiet

This morning I woke up. Sounds normal, doesn't it? But this morning was special, because I woke up without being woken up. I woke up at the time that my body had decided it had slept long enough, and was ready to wake up. I woke up in a lovely cottage bedroom, the sun shining through the gap in the curtains, in total blissful silence except for the odd quacking of a duck outside, a seagull passing by over head. There was no other noise except the rustle of the duvet as I was able to stretch, yawn and roll over for another snooze. Absolute bliss. I cannot remember the last time I was able to do this, but I think that the luxury of being able to wake up like this should NEVER be forgotten. Lovely. I will make this a regular appearance on any gift list I am asked to produce - Birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day... if I am ever asked for a wish, I will ask for the chance to be allowed to wake up without being woken.

So how does a mother-of-three, soon to be four, get to experience such a luxurious and pleasant start to her day. Well, my mother took the kids to sleep at her house last night, and husband was away in London for an appointment.

But then, it got even better. I mooched about making my cup of tea and running a bath. Then called my mum to tell her that I would be up the road in a few minutes. I like to call in from time to time in case things have become fraught on the childcare front.

"Well, I was going to take the children out this morning. So you don't really need to come up," she said.
"Why don't you just loaf about a bit this morning?" She suggested.

It took me about half a second to accept this magnificent offer. And so I have had a totally awesome relaxing morning. I have phoned my neglected friends, organised my paperwork, ordered the outstanding items I need to be completely organised for the next few weeks on the internet. I did try to go out to do this shopping, but having left the lights on in the camper van last night until some good person knocked on the door to tell me, I couldn't get it to start and so came inside and resorted to double clicking of my touch pad for Thursday collection from the store - no problem.

I still haven't packed my bag for hospital, or revise-read my hypnobirthing book ready for the arrival of babba 4, but am feeling so laid back and relaxed that I can't see much happening for a few days anyway! Figure I will have 30 minutes at some point to do these last minute things. And most likely, we may have to jump start the van to get to hospital anyway, so I can pack my bag while my husband and my dad fart about in the dark with jump leads, and WD40 oil spray! ha ha.


  1. If anyone deserves a morning of self-indulgence and rest right now, it's you! whoop whoop!

  2. What a luxury! Am slightly envious - can't remember the last time I wasn't woken up! (-;