Thursday, 12 March 2009

Come back Allia - the snow is melting!

It snowed all of the last long weekend, and Tuesday was a stunning morning of clear skies, the glorious mountains running majestically along the side of Almaty, a magnificent back drop to all our errands and movements. From the city you could even see the chair lift lines running up with hill at Chimbulak, the ski resort. 

On Tuesday I had lots to do. Bike shopping, groceries, trips to the bank (I finally have my own cash card after only 7 months of having to ask husband for cash as and when required) and so, despite numerous calls and texts from friends up the hill telling me how fabulous the snow was, I didn't go. 

On Wednesday I packed my napsack, put on my ski long johns and was ready to leave as soon as the nanny arrived. But 9 o'clock came and went and no sign. And she didn't turn up. Couldn't be contacted by phone. Did not call. Strange. 

All day long people called me from the slopes telling me how perfect the conditions were. Meanwhile, down in town, Connie and I made a chicken casserole and felt quite bored. 

And today again she is missing, so we have called Gulya, her daughter, who also doesn't know what has happened to her. A mystery. I hope she is OK, and that she comes back tomorrow so that I will not miss the rest of the ski season thru lack of nanny care. The temperatures are rising and every day missed is a day lost - agh! 

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