Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Oasis of Englishness

Our new school is so embryonic. Everything is being done for the first time and in many ways it is still finding its feet. 

Our very british headmaster (who has never worked in a foreign environment before) is still gamely making every effort to ensure that Haileybury Almaty is an Oasis of Englishness in Kazakhstan, despite the totally blank looks he receives from local parents. 

Our valentines evening was one step at bridging the cultural divide. The headmaster's weekly letter is another way of increasing communication between the school and its public. 

This week's letter was a classic, touching on lots of aspects of school life including our fledgling inter-school sporting competitions and British school uniform rules: 

Inter Schools Darts Competition

Last week witnessed the School’s first ‘home’ sporting fixture: the Swimming Gala. Next Wednesday will be the first ‘away’ sporting fixture, when the School’s Darts Coach, Aldiar Nurgaziev, takes the School Darts team to School Number: 94, on the corner of streets Satpaev and Gagarin, to take part in a competition. 

Plea to All Fathers

Several boys from Year 6 to Year 9 had to replace their ties this week because they were damaged. However, they could not put them on because they did not know how to tie a tie! Could all Fathers please check to make sure their son knows how to put on a tie! Thanks

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