Sunday, 15 March 2009

Packing list for day out

Today husband was once again in the office, so Mighty L and I decided to go back to Akbulak ski resort with some other friends. I had already agreed to go, and thought that B and Sasha could ski the baby slope with our friends' learner-skier son, I could hang around the bottom with Connie and a sledge, and idle the day away in the fresh air. Then Mighty L decided to come too, and so we gathered our kit and kids (reminds me of kith and kin..) and set off. 

It was only when we were packing up at the end of the day, and the storage capacity of our large car was being tested, that I decided to make a list of everything we had had to take with us. Nothing was unused! 

So, for one woman, two children (girls) and a toddler (also girl) for four hours only, we had to pack 46 items as listed below: 

3 pairs skis
3 pairs poles
3 pairs gloves
2 balaclavas
1 neck warmer
2 helmets
2 pairs goggles
1 pair sunglasses
1 hat
3 pairs gloves
3 jackets
3 pairs salopettes
1 baby snow suit
1 pair adult snow shoes
1 pair baby snow boots
1 camera
1 baby bottle with milk
1 small box dried apricots and biscuits
1 box apple juice
1 pack wipes
3 nappies (should have taken nappy sack, many poos!)
1 baby back pack
1 small pushchair (if baby not in it, very good carrying device for all the other clobber)
1 sit on sledge
4 bum sledges
3 pairs ski boots

And if you count each pair of things as two items (since you cannot ski with only one ski boot so you have to remember to bring both!) it comes to 86 items packed for our excursion! Bloody hell! And then remembered on the way back! 

And that was just for me. The Mighty L had all her own clobber! 

It was a really good day though. 

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