Thursday, 19 March 2009

World's 4th Worst Place to Work

So according to Business Week and a poor survey from some HR "specialists", we are living in the 4th worst place to work ... in the world! ha ha ha. 

We all mutter and grumble about life in Almaty from time to time, sure. But then again, who has not heard a Brit moaning about the National Health Service, or the bus services, or the cost of rail travel, or the state of the airports in the UK, or road rage attacks? Living life to the max is all about finding the best way to make life in good wherever you are in the world - it could be Thames Ditton or Timbuktu - there are some good things and some bad. 

Articles like this just mean that life gets better for those people who work for companies whose pay structure is related to perceived risk. 

The ridiculous thing about this article is that the author is so obviously jealous of people living in hardship postings and getting paid more than him! He is probably sitting in his cushty office in Hong Kong wishing he had the balls to live somewhere that he might get a chance of any hardship allowance, and wishing that the cost of living in Hong Kong wasn't so high! ha ha. 

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