Friday, 18 September 2009

Expatty day

Friday is probably our most expatty kind of day, especially as during the summer there are just so many blooming people around.

We are on a new regime now, drunk nanny Allia's daughter who used to clean for us has gone to seek a new home to push a mop around. We are trying out a lady called Nailya for the deep cleaning (bathrooms and bed changing etc) who is a neighbour of our new Super Nanny Gulya. New Super Nanny is awesome, a totally lovely person, incredibly enthusiastic, she wants the whole world to be a better place and is determined to do her bit to make sure her little corner is happy and organised and our house is a happier, shinier place as a result of having her here for a few hours every day.

Added to this, we have Baktiyar's brother Sasha in the garden, picking up the rotten apples and mowing the lawn, brushing the paths, and Baktiyar himself off cleaning the car and filling it with petrol for the weekend. It is mad. Four blooming people.

What am I doing? Well of course, have put on my best, high-heeled, pink fluffy slippers and satin dressing gown and I am lying on the sofa drinking a gin and tonic, smoking a cigarette and talking to my girl friends on the phone! ha ha ha Only joking! Still in my pyjamas, ready to unload the dishwsher, go out shopping, buy the food and drink for the weekend (10 people coming to lunch tomorrow) but with time to play a bit with Connie and write a quick blog!

Considering if we lived at home I would be lucky to have someone to clean the house once a week, I do feel mighty lucky to have plenty of help. But it also feels extremely strange to be so overwhelmed with personnel that I almost need an Human R esources diploma to cope! It is a weird, weird life!

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