Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Terminal Clicking in the Macosphere?

Seems the strange clicking sounds I heard earlier were the Mac equivalent to death throes. Many people I have told of my woes today (why I have to revert to Star Wars speak when doing techy stuff I do not know - Know it, I do not), and these people have told me that macs are prone to hard drive failure on account of their overheating.

In my whole, adult, computer-owning life (which extends to some quite extensive amount of time now), I have had one hard drive die on me (nine years ago in an ancient Compaq). Then after agonizing over the mac/pc switch for months I plumped for Mac and what has been my reward? Two hard drives dead in two years.

Rubbish. Big fat boooooooo. What is the keyboard equivalent of a big fat, spitty, raspberry being blown loudly and rudely at someone? HFHFHFHFPPPLUUURRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHH! Something like that?

I feel indignant. And cheated. And stupid for joining the maccie crowds and not just plodding along with a normal lap top.

Such hassle, and now more expense. Agh!

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