Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Internet drama and cold sweats

I woke up this morning and the big red russian screen on my computer said "Niet (no)". 

"You cannot have internet today, for you have a DEBT!"

"We have not sent you a bill, but neither have you pro-actively contacted our company and requested a bill. So we have cut you off. Spaceba and Das Vidanya (thank you and good bye)."

Everything is running pretty smoothly at the moment in Big Beluga's life. Smoothly enough that I am mentally in the "brace" position, ready for something to go wrong. Losing my internet connection really, really bothers me. I have remembered pain from the dark days of the three months last year that I was off line. 

However, I can relax. Husband's secretary has been on the blower and as is often the way in Kazakhstan, by paying a big wad of cash to someone and receiving a small bit of paper ripped off the bottom of a computer print out as a receipt, the problem will be solved by this evening! 


  1. hello! I love your blog. I've been having a peek through the archives. Oh god help me - it's making me want to head off again. Weird thing is we were having lunch with Japanese and Korean friends the other day (I spent time in Japan years ago) and I started down the whole 'um, i think I could quite fancy a year or so that way again' but of course we often think about our daughter and what is best for her. Anyway, we are six months here for a 'rest' and to think about the next step. I would really like to talk to you further about the kind of thing I am looking for in my book - i think you would fit perfectly. Please email me:

  2. WElcome back! To make you feel better there;s an award for you over at mine. x