Thursday, 17 September 2009

Kid chat

My children are 8, 6 and nearly 2. I dearly love them. But sometimes I feel battered.

Here is an example of why.

Kids arrive home from school, hungry and hyperactive.

"Mummy, can I use your computer? I need to look something up,"
"Yes, sure, but tea is nearly ready so you will need to stop when I serve it up,"
Sigh from child
"Alright, how do you spell Linguascope?"
"What is for tea?"
"Pumpkin soup and freshly baked bread - look - it has just come out of the machine, doesn't it smell delicious?"
"Ugh, I hate pumpkin soup,"
"Yeah, me too."
"If you make us eat that soup I am going to stab you, Mummy," says older child.
"Oh no, not stab me! Don't say that," I plead.
"I'll get the knife for you," says other child
"It's nice soup, and it is all there is I'm afraid. Put that knife back!"
"Tea's ready, sit up, girls"
"Ugh, this soup tastes like putting puke in my mouth."
"I don't care, eat it up or you can go straight to bed."

Harmonious, eh?


  1. It is awful, isn't it! ha ha.
    I'm making my christmas cake this morning - when the house is quiet I have moments of domestic tranquility and a sense of serene calm. Then come 3.45 it is carnage - Dunkirk-esque no less!

  2. Mmmm. Pumpkin soup. You have inspired me. I didn't think there would be pumpkins yet, but it is getting quite autumnal. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to bake bread.

  3. yesterday I woke Isabella up from her afternoon nap to be hit smack in the face with THE most perfect example of 'terrible twos tantrum' to date (not happy in the slightest about being woken up) ... I had to take a mini video in order to show her in later life ... bad, bad, bad mother.

    I guess I should make the most of it as soon it will be back-chat! ho hum!

    PS. I would love some of your pumpkin soup!

  4. 'I'll get a knife', LMAO that is too funny.